Our Story

young cherries graham and rhondaLavender Hill is a family owned boutique cherry orchard in Young that was purchased by Graham and Rhonda Sutherland in 1997. The Sutherland family has been farming in the area for decades prior to that.

When the cherry orchard was originally purchased, it was overgrown and had been neglected. Rhonda and Graham have worked extremely hard since purchasing Lavender Hill, having to go backwards in order to go forwards. All the old cherries trees at Lavender Hill have been replaced with new varieties, and Rhonda and Graham are very proud of their small orchard. These new cherry trees are now maturing, coming into full production with large sweet succulent cherries being grown.

The cherry season at Lavender Hill runs from early November until late December, although this time frame may change depending on seasonal conditions. That means that Lavender Hill’s premium cherries are available for Christmas.

There are many different varieties of cherries grown at Lavender Hill. Varieties that ripen early in the cherry season include Supremes and Vista. Varieties ripening in mid season include Samba, Rons, Black Star and Vans. The late season varieties include Lapins, Kordia and Regina.lavender hill cherry orchard